Beta Testing Information
Welcome to our site - Again
You may have noticed that we have been offline for about a week. We had a disaster with our server, a physical fault that was due to faulty equipment used by our provider.

This was complicated by the CORVID-19 virus due to our provider not being staffed fully during this time.

We are back now, but we regret to say that we have lost our data since we re-opened the new site around the middle of January. We are currently displaying ads from that time.

Please accept our apologies for displaying the old data. Some of the ads are still connected to valid providers; some surely are not.

We are encouraging all visitors to communicate with us (email provided below) to tell of us of any ads that are not current. We are also encouraging all users who posted ads either in the old version or the new to use your old login if it exists, or to create a new login and resume posting ads. If any user has a problem with any ad currently running from the old system, please let us know and we will remove the ad.

Please communicate with the following account to let us know of any issues that you have:

If you are communicating about any individual ad, please include the Ad Number, which is located by entering the ad itself. If you are communicating about a specific user, please provide the user's name, which is located in the list and on the ad itself.