You all have enjoyed a free site to post free escort ads for nearly two years now. We know the old site wasn’t much to write home about, but we think we’ve hit on something good with this new site. We’re proud of the features and service that we are offering to both sides with this new site.

So proud of it, in fact, that we are going to begin charging for ads in the near future.


We haven’t made a decision on pricing yet. Standard ads will probably cost about the price of a pack of cigarettes to run for a week. Featured Ads will probably cost about the price of a nice single dinner at a decent restaurant (expensive places like NYC and LA not included!) to run for a week.

Featured Ads:
  • Will run for 7 days
  • Will remain at the top of the list for the purchased location that entire week.
  • Are prettier and fetch eye.
  • Quantity will be limited by either a percentage of regular ads or by the price increasing as more are purchased
  Regular Ads:
  • Will run for 7 days
  • Are listed sorted by date in each location. The last person to buy an ad will be at the top of the list.
  • No limit to the quantity of ads that can be purchased in a given location.

We will post more information about this when we have it.


To start, we will only accept BitCoin.

This may be a turn-off to some. Some of you may be worried about being able to deal with this. A lot of you may already be familiar with BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies and are using them in your business and personal exchanges.

Once you have a wallet in which you can store BitCoin that you have purchased, you will be able to pay easier than with a credit card. No personal information will be sent to us whatsoever. We will exchange wallet addresses and you will send us BitCoin from your wallet and voila!

We will help you through the task with suggestions before we start charging. Meanwhile, search for more information on how to deal with BitCoin on your own; become informed about how to purchase and store BitCoin in wallets and the future of individual monetary exchange itself. The rest is a piece of cake.